In contrast to the fresh jungle themes and playful ocean tendencies, a more mysterious feeling could be influencing the kidswear market over the coming seasons. From the upside-down world of Stranger Things, to witches and wizards, myths and legends. Looking for inspiration in new and unexpected places is key: at the end of the garden, at midnight, in caves, at the depths of the ocean.


Many of these locations are distant, dark and unexplored, requiring us to use our imagination to fill in the gaps. This middle ground between reality and imagination is a breeding ground for new themes, colour palettes and graphic direction, with a darker, mysterious edge. All with a sense of exploration and imagination.


Natural environments are taken to another level using mysterious colour palettes, treatments and filters.

A sense of hyper reality is created, mixing neon colours with blacks and metallics. This has big potential for Autumn / Winter but can also be relevant to spring collections. A softer, magical feeling can be created using lighter hues and delicate fabrics with heavy embellishments or unexpected print techniques.




Interactive Tees - illuminated apparel Life in the Dark @ The Natural History Museum, London Hyper Nature - Night Garden Singapore


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Kate Williams