As you wander into Wynwood, Miami’s Arts District, you instantly notice the street art, with it's back drop of palm trees and tropical blue sky. It's colourful streets are full of independent stores, cafes, bars, art galleries and home to dozens of young start-ups. It feels bold, unapologetic and full of ideas.

MIAMILOVE2 (1).jpg

The music is loud, even on a Sunday morning as you sip your cashew milk latte or strawberry lemonade. Animals matter, so does the planet, dance, dance, dance and don’t let anyone tell you your not worth it. 



Stencilled onto pavements, walls and street signs are a collage of tags, logos, slogans and graffiti. Many of these doodles are advertisements for local businesses: dance classes, galleries, local restaurants, independent fashion stores, guiding you to their door step. Some are simple messages relevant to their destination 'VEGANS THIS WAY', others are riddles, leaving you guessing where the words will take you. Fonts are often used to emphasise the meaning of each word. Sometimes three or four different fonts in a short sentence or message. 



Activism is also present, with messages  and slogans boldly written or stencilled onto walls and pavements. Climate change is highlighted through strong words and imagery, calling for individual action. 


Wynwood, Miami Spring 2018  

Kate Williams