Dinosaurs are one of a collection of subjects that interest and inspire children worldwide. With the natural world (past, present and fiction) increasingly in focus, inspiring everything from high-fashion and footwear to retail interiors and homeware, it feels like the perfect opportunity to explore new ways of working with one of childrenswear’s favourite subjects. My research started on the Jurassic coast in England and has taken me to Florida, Tokyo and back to London, with a focus on the evolution of the dinosaurs.


During the Triassic period small dinosaurs no bigger than poodles lived on earth, out-numbered by other creatures including large reptiles resembling crocodiles and giant amphibians. It was not until the Jurassic period that dinosaurs evolved to be the dominant species, ruling the earth for millions of years. It is this period that is often the focus of films, imagery and education, exciting and inspiring young minds with it’s super-sized reptiles and exotic landscapes.

For further reading I recommend The Rise & Fall of the Dinosaurs by palaeontologist Stephen Brusatte


From small dinosaurs to giant predators and eventually birds; the evolutionary story of the dinosaurs provides endless inspiration, from scientific diagrams and illustrations to digital images and fictional representations. Education and imagination are equally important.


Subjects like ‘Time’ and ‘Distance’ can be difficult to communicate to young children. Engaging them with such subjects through topics they love (such as dinosaurs) lays the foundation for directional and inspiring graphic themes that appeal to both adults and children. Mastering the tone of voice can be challenging but if you know your target customer you can find the right balance between, education, illustration style and customer focus.


Learning through play: Toys and models provide inspiration and interactive ideas.


Beautiful, educational illustrations: The Story of Life-Evolution by Katie Scott and Dinosaurium by Chris Wormell


Dinosaurs interest and inspire children worldwide

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Kate Williams